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Southwest Airlines is the world’s largest budget airline. Established in 1967 by Herb Kelleher, Southwest has grown to over 52,000 employees, operating in 98 destinations across the united states and in seven additional countries. Southwest operates with a mission to help connect people to the important times in their lives, which is demonstrated in how they treat every passenger from the ticket counter to the luggage carousel.

Southwest operates exclusively on the Boeing 737 aircraft. This reduces the cost of overhead by simplifying the number of parts needed for maintenance, reduces the cost of training of all crew and staff, and allows the airline to easily swap one plane for another if maintenance needs to be conducted. This savings for the company is part of how they keep the fare low for everyone who flies with them.

Southwest Custom Care Information

Southwest support

Southwest is dedicated to providing exceptional service to every person who flies on one of their planes. For customer service within the United States you can contact the customer relations department 24 hours a day, seven days a week at (855) 234-4654. Southwest also offers a number of helpful online resources to help you get answers to questions and solve common problems.

The following URLs are helpful in seeking assistance form Southwest Airlines:

  • General customer service FAQs (frequently asked questions). This is where to go if you want to easily find answers to most passenger questions.
  • Purchasing and Refunds – this is where to look for information about the policies for purchasing tickets, fees, and getting refunds.
  • Refund Request – This page has information about the process to get a refund for refundable tickets.
  • Baggage Policies and Information – This is where to get information on baggage policies and prices.
  • Inflight Customer Service – This page explains what to expect during the flight, including information on snack menu and prices.
  • Traveling with Animals – This page contains information related to traveling with animals, including fees and regulations.
  • Lost and Found – If you lost something on a flight, this is the place to begin the process of finding it and reclaiming your property.
  • Airport Information – Look here for a complete list of destinations where Southwest travels.

The mailing address is:

Southwest Airlines
P.O. Box 36647-1CR
Dallas, TX 75235

You can follow Southwest on Twitter and like their pages on Instagram and Facebook.

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1 Review
  1. JoePop Geraci 8 months ago

    Hello Southwest Team,

    I want to share with you my experience flying on March 11th, 2019 from Philadelphia to Phoenix, AZ on flight 1548.
    I was going to see my Daughter and Grandson who live in Cave Creek just outside of Scottsdale AZ. I have to say that flying is not one of my favorite things but the end result of seeing them always makes it worth it.
    I sat in the third seat next to a gentleman who was injured in battle serving our country in Vietnam. I had never met this honored veteran before but was so privileged to meet and sit next to him. He has cancer and is so positive about life that we can all learn a lesson about complaining about anything.
    The Flight attendants who served us were Morgan and Sue.
    THEY WERE ABSOLUTELY AWESOME!!!! Run them through the copy machine!!
    They were So Caring and So Fun!!!
    They made the flight seem So Short that we didn’t want to leave!
    I will always fly Southwest to Phoenix and only wish that they could be the flight attendants each and every time.

    Please Give Kudos to Both Sue and Morgan as they assuredly earned and deserve such and Honor!

    Thank You,

    Respectfully, Sincerely, “Funfully”

    JoePop Geraci

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