Geico, an insurance company, had their debut during a time when other companies would have never thought of starting a new business. Leo and Lillian Goodwin opened this company during the depression. With the confidence that could make a successful automobile insurance company, Mr. Goodwin had a certain clientele in mind.

With a dream and a business plan, they opened their business, the Government Employees Insurance Company, in 1936. Not many people knew their main goal was to have government employees and some enlisted military officers as their customers. While marketing to these select groups of people, during their first year, they obtained 3,700 insurance policies and twelve staff writers. Their success continued to grow during the 1960’s.

In 1964, Geico became more and more successful and they were able to pass the milestone of one-million policies. Their premiums passed $150 million in 1965 and their net earnings doubled to thirteen million dollars in 1966. They also started having many sales and services for customers that want to visit a store and opened their first drive in office for customers that needed to file a claim in 1965. The 1970’s were a rough time for the company with the death of their owners and a lot of loss of reserves. During the 1980’s and 1990’s, things started to get better for them.

The 1980’s and 1990’s brought positive changes for Geico. During the 1980’s, prudent underwriting prevailed for Geico and their company continued to grow. They introduced the around-the-clock and 365 days a year telephone service for claims and sales and service. In 1993, Olza Nicely their new CEO, chairman, and president worked to get new customers with a new four-part strategy. Their addition to their advertising budget made Geico more well-known to the public. Warren Buffett was also very impressed with them and his investment company Berkshire Hathaway made a very attractive offer with the hope of purchasing the rest of Geico‘s stock shares.

With a great budget for advertising and a wonderful investor, they started advertising throughout all of the United States. Geico’s ads were on television, radio, and their mailings were in a lot of mailboxes all over the United States of America and their growth boomed. The very popular gecko made his debut in 2000. In 2001, Leo Goodwin was named to the International Insurance Society Hall of Fame, and, by 2002, they have over five million policyholders. In 2004, the famous cavemen becoming part of their advertising to reach out to their customers.

The 2000’s continued to be a success for them. In 2006, Geico expanded their internet capabilities and customer and obtained their seven millionth policyholder. In the year 2007, they had eight million policyholders. During this decade, they also got their auto repair express program and they also introduced many new product lines, like their motorcycle line. In 2009, they got their nine millionth policyholder. During the year 2010, they gave mobile users something new in the insurance industry-the ability to get an insurance and purchase a policy on their cellular phones. They have over 28 million dollars in assets and a bright future as well. Their customer service and important information they provide is part of what makes them a success.

Geico customer support service

Geico supportFor their customers that need to contact them, Geico has three main departments for their customers to contact them with. They are policy management, claims center, and other ways to contact them. A customer can contact them on their mobile app, by email, chat, phone, postal mail, and by finding a local agent. They also have a department for business owners. All of this information can be found on this website. All of their frequently asked questions can be found at this page. Alternatively, you can contact the Geico customer service by calling 1-800-861-8380.

The company also has social media sites for the customers that would like to visit them and contact them that way. For customers that would like to contact Geico on social media, there are many ways to do so. They can visit their Facebook profile, visit them on Google Plus. To read their tweets, visit their Twitter page. If a person would like to watch their videos, visit their Youtube page.

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