Currently hosting more than 1 billion active users, Facebook has become a household name and staple of the modern internet. Originally developed as a small platform for Harvard students to keep in touch, the project gradually grew as more people were invited, eventually inflating in scale once the site was opened to public access.

In the decade since its public opening in 2006, Facebook has become the go-to social platform for many, acting as a convenient tool for friends and family to communicate and interact at any time, from around the world.

Facebook user support

facebook-supportAs the world’s largest social media platform, Facebook provides a number of support options for its large user base. Facebook customer service is primarily available through the online Facebook Help Center, located at The Facebook Help Center acts as an all-in-one guide and Frequently Asked Questions page, showing users the proper procedure for all Facebook-related tasks. A simple click on any topic will reveal a number of related questions, making it easy to find one matching your own.

For any issues not addressed by the Help Center, Facebook also features a fully-fledged Help Community sub-section. Any and all relevant questions can be posted in this Help Community, each question creating a separate discussion page allowing fellow Facebook users to provide assistance, and discuss any concerns they might have. Both the Facebook Help Center and Help Community are available in all languages that the site itself operates in, including English, Spanish, Chinese, German and several others, for any international help that one might need.

For more direct contact with Facebook itself, please select the “Report a Problem” option on any given page to submit a contact form, as detailed here. Updates on submitted contact forms will be sent to a user’s Support Inbox, including the status of reports and direct responses from the Facebook Help Team, if needed. If a report has not yet been reviewed, the Support Inbox also allows users the option to cancel an individual report.

Please note that Facebook does not offer any form of live chat, or customer support via telephone. Any phone numbers claiming to represent Facebook customer service should be treated with due caution.

Though not strictly meant for customer service, Facebook can also be found at its corporate headquarters, located at:

One Hacker Way
Menlo Park, CA 94025

Official Facebook presence on the site itself and other social media platforms includes the following:

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