Originally founded in New York in June of 1812, Citibank has become one of the most well-known banks in North America. After becoming a part of the United State’s national banking system in 1863, it became the first US bank to establish a branch outside of the United States. Despite some impressive leadership in its history, the bank has not always been held in high regards. Most notably, the president of the bank during the 1920’s is held responsible by many historians as the sole cause of The Great Depression due to his shady dealings.

Again, Citibank found itself at another crossroads in 2008 during the United States Financial crisis which resulted in the bank being bailed out by the U.S. government. Since that time, they have repaid their debt in full to the US government and have revised their lending practices in an effort to prevent another crisis. With over 900 branches in multiple cities scattered throughout the country, including Chicago, New York, and Los Angeles, there is probably a branch near you. offers a number of services to its customers. These include personal checking and savings accounts, personal loans, business checking accounts and loans, home mortgages, student loans, and investment banking.

Citibank Customer Care Information:

citibank customer serviceThere is a variety of ways to get in touch with Citibank. For 24/7 customer service withing the United States, call 1 (888) 248-4226.

To find a Citibank close to you go follow this link and type in your location.

  • Banking and Personal Loans: This link would be used to obtain information about opening your own personal checking or savings account or obtaining information about the necessary steps to acquire a personal loan.
  • Credit Cards: Use this link for information about obtaining a Citibank credit card or for information on how to access your established credit card account.
  • Home Loans: The decision to buy a home is one of the most exciting and scary decisions of your life. If you have questions about your home loan or are interested in learning how to obtain a home loan, use this link.
  • Investment Banking: If you’re ready to learn more about investment banking use this link.
  • Business Banking: Are you searching for a bank for your business? Use this link to learn more about business banking options available to you.
  • Student Loans: Student loans are also available through Citibank. Use this link if you’re in need of extra funds for education.

The mailing address to reach Citibank via USPS is:

Citibank Client Services
Citi Inquiries
100 Citibank Drive
San Antonio, TX 78245

Lastly, stay up-to-date by following Citibank on Twitter or Facebook.

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